Welcome to Matthew Duffy Photography, I am a commercial photographer with a studio in Greenfield, Massachusetts, who specializes in product photography and headshot photography. My goal is to produce artistic commercial photography that will captivate your target audience and clearly convey your message.

I like to encourage a collaborative atmosphere with clients, where people can feel free to share their ideas. I am comfortable with clients who have a very specific vision, as well as clients who want to explore their options.

My clients are looking to invest in imagery that will help them increase revenue and make the best first impression possible to potential customers viewing their website and business as a whole. They understand the value of photos that are tailored to fit their needs and want images that set them apart from the crowd. They are people who realize that image quality can make or break a website and they want to take advantage of every opportunity to help their brand instill confidence in their potential customers and establish a sense of customer loyalty in the future.


I studied fine arts, photography and design in college and later my focus shifted into commercial product photography. I am easy to work with, professional and always happy to help clients with special requests. I really love what I do and I think my approach reflects that attitude. Drawing on my fine arts background and my lighting knowledge helps me create work that fits my clients brand and budget.